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Skill enchant

The Learn Level - the level the game considers the skill learned at - is used to determine a number of things including your chance to succeed an enchant and the rate at which the skill will land. Essentially instead of adding new skill sets beyond 76, NCSoft opted to make the players risk exp and sp in order to level up their skills. On one hand, it gives you freedom of choice in how your skill improves, but on the other hand it stunts the growth of the skills compared to pre-75.

ench lvlLearn Level

Learn Level for all non-debuffs enchanted for cost are broken. The Learn Level goes up 1 every enchant but after +10 and +20 it resets to a Learn Level of 76, and proceeds to go up 1 every enchant. This doesn't really matter for most of the skills, but Recharge will matter if they add levels beyond 80.

In most cases you can either enchant a skill for power or cost. Don't make the mistake of thinking you get the benefits of both - you can only choose one.

Durations are given in seconds. If you can't convert seconds into minutes, too bad.

Success chance depends on your level and the enchant level of the skill:

Level: Skill Enchant:
Success Chance:

Success chance does NOT increase at level 79. It is still unknown if this holds true for level 80, but it probably doesn't.

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